The ABC’s of Site Selection is about helping you succeed. It provides you with the tools you need to make “smart” retail and restaurant location decisions – the kind which result in “Home Run” locations.

In addition to describing the Six Keys (PASTA V) to making “smart” location decisions, The ABC’s of Site Selection discusses such important topics as:

The ABC's of Site Selection Book Cover
  • Primary and secondary site selection variables
  • How to accurately estimate sales
  • Why it is important to use a Site Selection Scorecard
  • What to look for when analyzing demographic and psychographic information
  • Why both short form and long form customer surveys are invaluable

Noteworthy Quote

“Frank Raeon’s ‘The ABC’s of Site Selection’ contains a treasure trove of information.”

Shaun A. Bond PhDFormerly West Shell, Jr. Professor of Real Estate
University of Cincinnati

In The ABC’s of Site Selection, thought leader Frank Raeon also describes the meaning of the highly popular but little understood phrase Location, Location, Location. After reading his description, you will have a much better understanding of how these three pillars of real estate determine which retail and restaurant locations will become “Home Runs,” and which ones are destined to fail.

If you want to succeed, it is imperative that you understand that site selection is all about employing both a systematic and disciplined approach. Making “Home Run” retail and restaurant location decisions takes lots of time and lots of effort. People in a hurry as well as people who hope to get lucky are the least likely to make “smart” location decisions – the kind which produce “Home Runs.”

Many different groups of people will benefit from reading The ABC’s of Site Selection. At the top of the list are both existing and aspiring business owners. Others who will gain important knowledge from this important book include commercial realtors, developers of shopping center and mixed use properties, city planning and development directors, economic development staff, redevelopment officials, directors of small business centers, chamber of commerce officials, SCORE counselors, and, college and university professors who teach undergraduate and graduate level classes in real estate, geography, urban planning, and business.

Public libraries, whether they are located in urban, suburban or exurban areas, are encouraged to add copies of The ABC’s of Site Selection to their Small Business sections as they are a great starting point for people who aspire to join the ranks of retail and restaurant entrepreneurs.

Newsworthy Quote

“Relying upon a Site Selection Scorecard is a great way to begin separating the WINNERS from the LOSERS.”